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remember in degrassi when claire got hot all of a sudden because she changed her clothes



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Can Manny Santos come back from Hollywood? No? Okay.


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Oh gosh.. Someone called Manny an Asian…



uh…manny is filipino, and the philippines are in southeast Asia.

….which would make her Asian. 

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that matching pink fuzzy track suit with a tube top belly shirt.

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Degrassi Season 11 Opening

I’ve gotten the feeling that people don’t like the song. For the record, I can’t hear the song because my computer at work has no sound. So I have to wait 2 1/2 hours to make a judgement, lol.

I meant to reblog this earlier. but basically. this opening is shit. *shrug* bring back the studz. ask craig to come back and sing the opening with manny. CASSIE STEELE. YOU SHOULD SING FOR THE OPENING.

anyway- marisol is a main character now? Imogen…enough said. and wtf is eli hanging out with fiona? their personalities clash so much i can’t even handle it.

although im psyched zane is in the opening. I also see fitz is gone.

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Kiss me Manny Santos



but I love youuu~

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Kiss me Manny Santos

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