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Now, if they had built the daycare back in season 6 like J.T. and Mia suggested, then Jenna wouldn’t have an issue!



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season 1 episode 8, secrets & lies

resuming my reviews from where I left off. Maybe soon I’ll put a link on my page so you can see all my reviews in order.

Alright so Ashley is coming back from brunch with her dad, was that some attempt at foreshadowing? He says he has something to tell her, but changes his mind. When she goes inside she sees her mom fighting with Toby’s dad about the dishwasher. Ashley is randomly holding a snow globe, since her dad is an internaional reporter I’ll guess that he brought it for her from overseas. they later recycled this for Fiona.

her mom asks about how brunch was, in a weird way making it obvious there is something going on. roll intro~

In class the next day Terri is showing Ashley a locket her mom left her. She explains it as if Ash didn’t know her mom has died, which is weird seeing as they have been best friends for years. Its sweet, but seems awkwardly thrown in.

Mrs Kwon walks in with a poster of dead pigs talking about the lord of the flies. the class has been reading that book for a while now. before that was ‘romantic poetry’ and Shakespeare, which is kind of a weird transition. the girl in front of Terri has sweet hair. anyway, the girls start whispering about Ashley’s parents musing that maybe they will get back together.

Jump to the seventh graders, Emma reads Sean her Haiku about the polluted oceans. “Ancient waves so pure, lapping on the shores of time, early death our fault.” Sean isn’t impressed.

J.T. throws a paper airplane and Liberty creepily takes the blame. After class the gang stands in the hall and talks about her. Poor kid, she considers these people her friends but they treat her like crap and make fun of her while she isn’t around.

Sean gets up in front of the class and makes up a haiku on the spot. its probably the best one i’ve ever heard. “Poetry is crime, no idea how to rhyme, stupid waste of time. ” furthering his badass rep. Liberty gets up and reads one that is clearly about J.T. Ms. Kwon tells her it had too many syllables. come on Liberty get your shit together, its a fucking haiku.

Ashley’s dad is telling his war stories in media immersion. why is that relevant? did the writers make that class just so the kids had something to skip and whatever? or just to throw snake in there somewhere? How did he become a teacher there? what did he major in to teach media immersion? I doubt anyone thought of any of that, they just need to show the kids in a class room.

anyway, all the girls are hot for Ash’s dad. they walk out of gym with paige and ash in hot pants, and Terri in actual gym clothes and talk about him.

J.T is hiding from liberty now because she wants to interview him for the paper and he doesn’t want to catch her cooties or something. She doesn’t believe his dance lessons excuse, “dance lessons…with a boy?” and drags him away. uh yes liberty some guys do dance.

Ashley’s dad brings her home and kisses her mom when he gets there. later the two are cooking dinner and Ash mentions them getting back together, and then her mom drops the bomb. the big secret. “your dad is gay.”

J.T and toby have a kind of cute convo about the situation, where J.T. says how Women are sexy but men are hairy and smelly. Toby’s response is “I dont know J.T., some people are just gay I guess.”

Ashley pours her milk into a cup, are you too good to drink it like everyone else?

so paige and terri sit with her and paige in her own way tries to sensitively suggest that her dad might be gay. She would know since her older brother, who we don’t see or hear about again until a few seasons later, is also gay. Ashley gets mad and throws her milk at her. which is probably why they had her pour it in a cup, because it would be hard to do that from a carton.

Liberty is watching J.T. while sitting with Emma and Manny. she asks them if she should make a move on J.T. and even though her ‘friends’ know that J.T. hates her, and that she is probably in for some major humiliation, they tell her to go for it.why is Liberty eating corn with chopsticks? J.T. decides to get rid of her he will pretend to be gay.

Ashley’s dad comes to talk to her about his gayness. She gets mad when she realises he left their family to ran away with another man to Europe. She isn’t really mad about the gay part, mostly the lying.

J.T. fake comes out to Liberty and she is disappointed. then we get the infamous “Hey Liberty, girlfriend.” scene. wtf J.T…..seriously.

Liberty wants to out him through the newspaper, and she is wearing a rainbow ribbon in her hair to show support for his homosexuality. where did she get that in the last few minutes? he tells her he lied aout being gay and she is all the more hurt.

Ash goes back to school even though she has been signed out for the rest of the day and terri comes to ask her whats wrong.She tells her that her dad is dead to her and that makes terri mad because her mom is actually dead. maybe thats why the writers made that up, just so she could have this scene where she tells her that her mom isn’t coming back, but ash has both her parents and should treasure that.

then the episode ends, which is kind of weird especially since no one mentions her dad again until like season 5 when he gets married.