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Remember that that Degrassi Mini where Sean came back and he had a tattoo with an E and they made us think he was back for Ellie and then *shock* it actually said Emma??  Haha IDK why I just remembered that, but I made a pic

that is so obviously sharpie its not even humorous. but in my head its real and he always loved her and he comes back from the army for her, and emma realizes that she married spinner because her life had no direction and she was searching for someone to replace sean. but no one can and when he comes back it all becomes clear. spinner understands because he only married emma because of his breakup with jane, they split up, and sean and emma leave toronto to get away from all the drama they went through there. 

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that matching pink fuzzy track suit with a tube top belly shirt.

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season 1 episode 11. friday night

Sorry this episode took me so long, it took me a while i guess because i had a lot to say about it and i’ve been busy.

Manny, and everyone else in school knows that Emma and Sean like each other. Sean ambles over and awkwardly goes through the ritual of trying to ask out a girl. she says yes and after he leaves she and manny squee about it like the actual 12 year olds they are. It’s a little refreshing to see something realistic. Then they wonder if ‘hang out’ means go for a date, or is just a general friend invite.

Mrs. kwizzy kwon is talking about the Shakespeare field trip while someone is tapping a pencil. thorough detective work reveals that it is spinner listening to a ‘disc man’ what is a disc man? must be a Canadian thing. anyway, she tries to take it away from him, which is what any teacher would do, and they fumble it. Spinner makes a big deal, but i mean chill out, the batteries just fell out.

In gym emma tries to ask sean if they are just chillin or are going on a date but he gets nervous and mumbles and walks away. she gets pissed, and wearing those shorts from the pilot has given her the rage she needs to cream him in dodgeball.

Jimmy and ashley are making out in the hall later and the Kwoninator tells them to quit that cause this is a school, not a petting zoo. Jimmy gets pissed. Jimmy visits spinner in the caf and spinner wants to get revenge on kwonzilla.

Paige buts into Emma’s business and tells her that Sean really did ask Emma out on a date. problem solved. she also tells us that heather sinclaire had a nose job.Paige is such a plethura of womanly info.

Kwanska is late for class and spinner gets up and does an impression of her. Jimmy makes a joke and then kwan comes back and repeats everything they just said, saying that there is an intercom in the office that she head through. this is impossible. She heard and repeated everything they said, but walked in while they were a middle of it. how could she have heard them while she was walking down the hall. my willing suspension of disbelief was not met. for some reason she gives jimmy detention instead of spinner. weird.

later in detention Jim and spin decide to get revenge and spinner makes a face that makes me fucking crack up every time i see it.

So Emma and Sean are alone in the media immersion class room on the computers. what are they doing there? its obviously still the school day but they aren’t in class? whatever. they are on AIM with eachother and eventually decide they are still on for their date tonight even though she tried to kill him in dodgeball.

Sean comes up to Emma’s house (which was easy to find because everyone on degrassi lives on the same block.) he looks cute and nervous and when spike lets him in he calls her Christine. have they even met before? i also specifically remember when he called her ms. nelson later. anywhooo~ they take a picture with spikes weird camera and leave. until a bird shits on emma. lol. they go back she changes and they take a new picture.

As I have said before, Sean is surprisingly understanding and cool for the most part of this season, especially since he is a 14 year old boy, with a disfunctional and traumatic home life, who just had to leave his home for deafining a kid. living a tough life with little money or stability with his brother, having to repeat a grade, dealing with school, friends, and girls for a while there i would say sean is pretty well adjusted. of course we know that doesn’t last long, so let’s enjoy the moment while we can. 

So on the older yet less mature side of the woods, spinner and jimmy mess with kwanzy over the intercom and they get in using the tape over the locked door trick. to do that they would have had to be in there earlier, and thats mr. radditch’s office. how did they manage to get that in there? anyway they trick her by chewing gum over the intercom and then do the classic fake pizza order. one of the guys is pretty lulzy though “I…eat the chick wing.” Kwanzo was not amused.

So Emma’s first date is off to a good start, shit on, embarrassing pictures, rambling, ect. so they go out to eat. She says she got him a veggie buger and he tells her some B.S. story about working on some mysterious uncle’s cow killing farm and so he doesn’t eat cows. he must have gotten over that pretty quick because we see him eat tons of hamburgers through the show. whatever.

So Emma thinks she threw her wallet away and sean being the white knight that he is, reaches his hand into the nasty garbage to look for it. security has them go out back and sean looks through tons of garbage. then emma awkwardly admits that it had been in her pocket the entire time. In a liberty style fit of embarrassment she runs away leaving sean there in the garbage.

Jimbo and Spin decide it’ll be fun to egg kwanza’s car. She doesn’t find it funny at all, she breaks down and cries. it is sad actually but spinner laughs. Mrs. kwon is really under appreciated. she puts up with a lot of shit, when she is honestly a pretty legit teacher as far as degrassi goes.

The nest day Sean comes over to Emma and makes it clear he isn’t mad about their date and that everything is cool, he even takes on of the pictures of them together. :3 cuuuute.

Spinner and jimmy are telling the video announcements girl and some punk rock kid about the shit they did to ms. kwizzle. everything seems hilarious until mr. radditch comes in and tells them that Ms. kwon is taking a leave of absence because her husband has cancer and she needs to be there for him and school is too stressful.

this is really sad to me, especially because the part that the kids are upset over and the writers see, to make this the lesson is that radditch is taking over the class and their field trip is canceled. the message isn’t that teachers have lives and are under a lot of stress and that being a dick to them is shitty, the message ends up being don’t mess with your teachers because then you can’t go on field trips.

that’s degrassi for you.

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working on the next review. its one of my faves.

sean and emma’s first date.

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season 1 episode 10

Emma is talking to some girl and goes to Mr. strongarm is in an intimate pose with liberty. Emma makes a face, as though she is a hero who has to right some wrong, and so it begins.

Emma asks Liberty in class with everyone around what was happening with her and armstrong earlier. Liberty says she was getting help with homework and that emma should mind her own beeswax. good advice if i do say so.

JT and Emma are sitting outside, and he calls her out for staring at Sean. actually she had been staring at armstrong, and she asks him what he thinks of him. he says “Teachers aren’t people.” which is exactly how i used to feel. Emma sees Coach give Liberty a piece of paper. scandalous.

Jimmy and Spinner, who we haven’t seen in a few episodes, are grossed out by the food in the caf.the lunch lady comes out and says a line oh so sweet

"It may take a few extra years, but I can’t wait for the day you graduate." which is funny because it indeed does take a few extra years. then he finds a bug in his food but no one believes him cause someone stepped on it.

also: in this episode you get a few different angles in the caf and you can tell that throughout the series they have had like 4 different sets for the cafeteria.

Manny and Emma are at their lockers and manny asks ‘so Em, for media immersion, should we use HTML?’ and she says ‘yeah sure’ it is so clear that they have no idea what that is, its funny. anyway Emma tells Manny she saw Armstrong ‘touching Liberty’ Terri overhears and a rumor is born.

so spinner and jimmy tell the girls about the bug and they don’t believe him. Ash is wearing that one shirt, and Paige has her hair crimped. sweet. he then shouts in the halls ‘boycott the caf, the caf has bugs!’

ms. kwon comes up and asks them ‘and where is this offensive creature now?’ does she actually expect him to have kept a bug? is he supposed to fucking carry it around with him or what? also why do they call her ms.kwan? we know that shes married. anyway she doesnt believe him either.

terri tells paige about liberty and coach. when he comes in he asks them whats wrong and paige says ‘nothing. mr.Armstrong.’ in this fucking voice with this fucking face that makes me want to punch her. god. paige is every girl i hated in school.

so she texts hazel on this weird phone and oh hey! Hazel’s first appearance! Sean hears her talking about it and he tells spinner, who tells jimmy, who AIMs Ashley. then she mouths back to him. why didn’t she just type it?

She confronts Liberty about it but she freaks out and runs away.

the next day Liberty walks over to her friends who are in the middle of talking about her and she runs away again. Emma goes to talk to her. Liberty tells Emma the rumor is all lies and Emma decides she is going to find out who started the rumor. is she fucking stupid? does she not remember as far back as one day ago? you are the one who saw them together.

Spinner plans on putting bugs in the caf so that people will believe him. Ashley ruins it and he gets in trouble after being caught by the kwon.

Emma talks to spinner (Spemma!!11!1) and he says who he heard the rumor from. and eventually she finds out from Terri that she is the one who started it. big surprise. actually its Terri’s fault. she was eavesdropping and spread it around, Emma just expressed her concerns to a friend.

In math everyone is acting weird and Armstrong gets called down by Raddich. Emma follows them and says ‘I’m in the middle of it too.’ Emma you are an idiot.

Spinner’s punishment is to work in the caf and so begins his long career in food service.

Emma confesses all of what happened and apologizes to Liberty. Liberty spills the beans that she has a learning disorder, which we never hear about again, and the episodes ends with some hard truth ‘when it comes to helping people, you suck. ‘

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"If fun were people, I would be China."

Emma Nelson
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season 1 episode 9 

another fucking ashley episode. bonus emma getting her period subplot though.

Its Jimmy’s birthday, and Terri looks cute. We had been getting hints about Jimmy for a while but in this episode you really find out that he is super rich but his parents are somewhat negligent.Later Ashley tells terri that she is sick of jimmy hanging around all the time. ~ credits

The girls are taking a stupid magazine quiz paige makes an attempt at a dirty joke and jimmy interrupts and asks to hangout later. Ash suddenly makes up a girls night with terri, but jimmys cool with it.

the 7th graders have a test which emma wants to study for. Sean and Manny are doing horoscopes on the computer and throws a huge fit. after the test which she thinks she failed she yells at manny and storms off.

ash and terri go home to find jimmy playing bball with toby. she gets pissed. Jimmy must be really desperate to get out of the house and be with other kids if hes willing to play with toby. ash also throws a fit and tells terri and toby she wants to break up with jimmy.

Emma is watching and crying over a soap opera clutching a bag of chips. spike suggests thy go shopping to cheer up. at the mall this ULTRA creepy dude harasses them and spike gets in his face and gets all feminist on his ass.

Emma is showing off her chicken legs in her new white skirt, and jimmy is chased around by some girls with silly string. who decorated his locker? why would they put a picture of him and ashley in it? that seems weird to me. anyway toby tells him that ash wants to break up with him. meanwhile ash doesnt want to breakup on jimmys birthday.

the 7th graders are chillin and sean comes over to flirt with emma a little. before they go inside manny grabs emma and tells her shes bled through her new skirt. after covering emma all the way to the bathroom manny runs to find her something to wear.

Paige comes in and finds Emma. she helps her out by giving her a pad and trying to cheer her up by telling her she can get boobs now. theres a drawing in the stall that says I <3 J.T. Paige goes to the bathroom without washing her hands. ew. Manny comes back with a pair of huge gym shorts.

they go to do their book report and jt is making fun of Emma’s shorts which she is trying to hold up. taking her moms advice about female empowerment she stands up to them by announcing that she just got her period. Sean’s reaction is weird.

Jimmy and Ashley go to his house expecting his parents to be there with a birthday dinner but they aren’t coming home. jimmy is upset and tells her that he knows about her wanting to break up and kicks her out.

emma starts a petition for a tampon dispenser and Sean signs it and acts like a strangely understanding 14 year old guy.

Ashley and jimmy get back together because she feels sorry for him. he says he loves her and they hug it out.

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still not over it.

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tribute to emma running like an idiot.

and her shorts.