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remember in degrassi when claire got hot all of a sudden because she changed her clothes



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2x10 Take My Breath Away

will you be my cinderella? can i kiss you manuella? 

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shippin semma.

i mean…..


vicariously shipping semma through eclare

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Can Manny Santos come back from Hollywood? No? Okay.


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craig i don’t care how crazy or coke addicted you are, I love you.

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Remember that that Degrassi Mini where Sean came back and he had a tattoo with an E and they made us think he was back for Ellie and then *shock* it actually said Emma??  Haha IDK why I just remembered that, but I made a pic

that is so obviously sharpie its not even humorous. but in my head its real and he always loved her and he comes back from the army for her, and emma realizes that she married spinner because her life had no direction and she was searching for someone to replace sean. but no one can and when he comes back it all becomes clear. spinner understands because he only married emma because of his breakup with jane, they split up, and sean and emma leave toronto to get away from all the drama they went through there. 

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I bet every student got LUMBERJACK as their #3. It’s Canada.

his face though

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