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craig i don’t care how crazy or coke addicted you are, I love you.

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craig manning!

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remember when crazy craig went off his meds and messed up his relationship with his girlfriend, friends and family?

sound familiar?

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has anyone actually confirmed this…? I looked it up and on the wiki there is no source for the info about her coming back, which leads me to believe it is just a rumor.

if that really does happen the best part would be getting to hear about CrAiG~*~and joey.

but wont it be weird seeing as her brother is like a totes famous rockstar now, who used to go to that school? we know that the kids there know him because once anya fangirled out because ashley had dated him. Chantay totally knows that dude since she has been at degrassi for like 6 years.

angie jeremiah was born in 1997, so that would make her 14 this year, which means she would enter freshman year at 15. (which is kindof old isn’t it?)

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